Registering Online to Vote - Confirmation

You can access the OVR Confirmation page to print your voter registration confirmation. Read the page in its entirety before printing your confirmation. If you need assistance, contact your County Voter Registration Office.


To print your voter registration confirmation:


  1. You must have performed the steps for Registering Online to Vote - Voter Verification to access the OVR Confirmation page.


  1. On the OVR Confirmation page, click the print confirmation button.


Your voter registration confirmation is displayed in a separate window.


  1. Click the print this page button.


The Print dialog box is displayed.


  1. Adjust the settings as necessary and click the print button.


The output is sent to the specified printer and the Print dialog box is closed.


  1. Click the close button to close the Indiana Online Voter Registration Confirmation window.


  1. Click the return to home page button to return to the IndianaVoters Home page.


The IndianaVoters Home page is displayed.


In the table below are definitions for the fields and buttons on the OVR Introduction page.




Print confirmation button

Displays your voter registration confirmation in a separate window to allow you to print it.

Return to home page button

Closes the OVR Confirmation page and displays the IndianaVoters Home page.


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